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This is a large investment for homeowners today. Upholstery manufacturers have dedicated a lot of time and money trying to perfect the fabrics used in making furniture and high quality wood for framing.

Like your clothes, there are different types of cleaning methods for different fabrics. Below is a short list of examples of different types of fabrics and their cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturers. There are many others that the method of cleaning can only be determined after visually inspecting the sub frame and the filling used with the material.

  • Cotton: Extremely resilient, can be steam cleaned to provide the best possible cleaning and results.
  • Berber: A strong fabric, easily steam cleaned though using high heat may warp the primary backing.
  • Silk: A very delicate material, should be dry cleaned only using minimal amounts of water to mix the dry cleaning fluid only.
  • Rayon: Dry clean only to periodically remove dust and soil, material should not get wet.
  • Linen: Can easily be steam cleaned, if mixed with a fine fabric, you should take care to get it only as wet as necessary.
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